I’m Shahrooz

Holistic Life Coach & Practitioner

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Holistic Life Coaching

My goal is to help you reach your full potential and to regain the power to create miracles in your life.

and “Miracle” is not a metaphor anymore for you because I know the formula and I’ll share it with you to create the life you deserve and always wanted!

Let’s get started…


Coming workshops and sessions:

  • Friday 29th of November evening (19:30-21:15)
  • Wednesday 4th December morning (9:30-11:15)

at Djoj centre – Zaal 8 – Antony Duyklaan 7, 3051 HA Rotterdam

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

With practical science based approaches, I help you to overcome your stress & anxiety.

Manifesting your dreams

Create and manifest what you want in life by working on subconsciousness, eliminating limiting bliefs, and fears!

Enhance your self-awareness

By exapanding your self-awareness, you’ll find out hidden treasures within you and then the miracles begin to happen!

Cross barriers

Even if you don’t know you have any!
I’ll show you how the mind tricks us to not reaching to our full potentials!

What Is Holistic approach?

Nowadays, mostly in civilized countries people consult with physicians for their physical issues, getting advice from a psychotherapist for emotional/mental concerns and consulting with their pastor or religious contact for spiritual aspects which all are fine but, there is a very important perspective that is missing:

All these aspects of a human being are integrated and should be treated as a whole. Although these layers (bodies) are different in function they are fully connected, integrated, and all together are created as a single person.

What is mindfulness?

In a simple way, “Mindfulness” is the opposite of “mindlessness”.
Now it’s much easier to understand the meaning of mindfulness by defining its opposite.
Mindlessness means living on an autopilot mode without feeling or thinking about most of our actions. Thus, mindfulness is a practice by maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment.
Mindfulness also involves with non-judgmental observation, meaning; that we pay attention to our thoughts and feelings in different levels as an observer with no judgement — without denying them, believing them or taking them personally.

Mindfulness literally transforms your entire world from the inside out for your “Summum Bonum” — your highest good. This is what’s happening for the millions of mindfulness practitioners all around the world!

Start healing your body, mind and spirit

Break the circle, live a happy and relaxed life without stress, anxiety or depression.

Join me at the mindfulness and meditation session

What you are going to experience:

  • Reducing the stress in your life
  • Controling anxiety
  • Enhancing your self-awareness in body/mind/spirit
  • Crossing barriers (even if you don’t know you have any)


– Friday 29th of November evening (19:30-21:15)
– Wednesday 4th December morning (9:30-11:15)
at Djoj centre – Zaal 8 (Antony Duyklaan 7, 3051 HA Rotterdam)


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About Me

My family background shows that I’m continuing my ancestor’s path in healing and psychic abilities. In 1997, I officially started my study in this subject and since then; healing, meditations, training, and daily study of this sacred knowledge and ancient wisdom are an undetachable part of my life.

I am a “Certified Holistic Coach and Healer” from Awakening institute in California.

I’m also certified from International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) as an International Coach and Holistic Healer and a member of International Association of Therapists.

As a public speaker and spiritual trainer, I have vastly expanded my knowledge in numerous aspects such as symbolism, numerology, astrology, various occult systems, religions, and doctrines e.g. Theosophy, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Chinese medicine system and modern psychotherapy approaches e.g. Jungian methods, PICT, Bradshaw healing system, etc.

I’m certified with extensive experience in Inner Child Healing.


Shahrooz, I have been so blessed to meet you on my journey. Your words and how you deliver them touch my life so profoundly. You bring such a heightened mind to our sessions and communicate with such love it has opened my world!

I Thank You!


Psychic and Coach

TBH, you cannot even imagine what you’ll get from his therapy sessions. You finally realize who you really are! what kinda beliefs you have that keeps you away from an even a normal life. I’m not saying I have no problem anymore but now my life is more understandable with pleasure and love.

I really appreciate your help and support.



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